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  • Details of still life in the home interior living room. Beautiful Cup of tea with tangerines and sweaters on wooden background . Cosy autumn-winter concept
  • 859424970
  • iStock
  • Young man reading book by bed
  • 56973407
  • Image Source
  • Couple Sitting Close to Each Other on a Sofa by a Fireplace
  • dv1978019
  • DigitalVision
  • Details of still life in the home interior living room. Beautiful tea Cup and shoes on wooden background . Cosy autumn-winter concept
  • 862026898
  • iStock
  • Autumn background. Cup of tea, cookies, books and plaid on windowsill with autumn forest outdoors. Still life with concept of spending autumn time at home Autumn still life.
  • 849521714
  • iStock
  • Autumn composition. Cup of coffee, blanket, autumn leaves on black background. Flat lay, top view
  • 831896124
  • iStock
  • Full length of happy young woman using laptop while sitting on green sofa
  • 452417175
  • moodboard
  • Cozy home. Candles, book and cup of tea
  • 625042076
  • iStock
  • Interior view of a converted barn
  • 122460895
  • Ingram Publishing
  • Cozy winter home background, cup of hot coffee with marshmallow, warm knitted sweater on white bed background, vintage tone.  Lifestyle concept
  • 842473022
  • iStock
  • young woman sitting on a bad holding a cup of hot coffee on a cold winter morning at home
  • 623367920
  • iStock
  • Woman in cozy home wear relaxing at home with sleeping dog Jack Russel terrier, drinking cacao, using laptop, top view. Soft, comfy lifestyle.
  • 618750646
  • iStock
  • Young woman with book sitting on sofa beside fireplace, eyes closed
  • 200512929-001
  • DigitalVision
  • Cork, Ireland
  • 161143675
  • Wavebreak Media
  • Feet of unrecognizable woman in woollen socks by the Christmas fireplace. Winter and Christmas holidays concept.
  • 628118238
  • iStock
  • High angle view of parents lying on a bed with their son and daughter
  • 79077036
  • Purestock
  • Autumn composition. Hot chocolate, blanket, autumn leaves, cinnamon sticks on white background. Flat lay, top view
  • 848866352
  • iStock
  • Young woman using laptop in bed, frustrated boyfriend lying next to her
  • 75252770
  • amana images
  • Warm knitted plaid, glasses, cup of hot coffee and book on wooden table. Autumn and winter, leisure concept
  • 621841090
  • iStock
  • Family of Feet warming at a fireplace
  • 84468113
  • Monkey Business
  • Woman wearing cozy warm wool socks, reading a book, drinking hot drink lose up. Warmth concept. Winter clothes
  • 628986270
  • iStock
  • Family reading together on sofa at Christmas time, viewed through window
  • 200268320-001
  • Photodisc
  • Relaxing view from window in cozy living room with modern interior. Chair near sofa on floor
  • 627279462
  • iStock
  • Warm knitted plaid, cup of hot tea and books on wooden table. Background with copy Space. Autumn and winter concept
  • 607598114
  • iStock
  • Woman jumps backwards onto a bed
  • 100612212
  • amana images
  • Cozy evening , warm woolen socks, soft blanket, candles. Woman relaxing at home,drinking cacao, using laptop. Comfy lifestyle.
  • 666734748
  • iStock
  • Girl (6-7) sleeping on bed with teddy bear, elevated view
  • 200323957-001
  • DigitalVision
  • Girl holding cup of hot tea and reading in bed. Around her in bad earphones, book, smart phone. Decorative lights in background.
  • 501912142
  • iStock
  • Hispanic girl playing pillow fight with her parents
  • 119547905
  • DisabilityImages
  • Smiling Family of Four Sitting on a Sofa in a Living Room
  • dv1598028
  • DigitalVision
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • 494371621
  • Wavebreak Media
  • Happy young woman reading a book by the window in the fall
  • 607482164
  • iStock
  • Illustration of historic Pullman train, cutaway
  • 125176327
  • Dorling Kindersley RF
  • Woman hands holding tasty warm coffee espresso in ceramic cup with cookie sitting on bed with plaid. Home concept. Top View.
  • 813078704
  • iStock
  • White loft interior in classic scandinavian style. Hanging bed suspended from the ceiling. Cozy large folded gray plaid, giant knit blanket, super chunky yarn, arm knitting. Trendy room design
  • 637107194
  • iStock
  • Woman holding a cup of tea on the bed
  • 94786619
  • Purestock
  • Cozy pillows and plaid on the light wooden background. Close up
  • 546193848
  • iStock
  • Multigenerational, African American family dining
  • 82919792
  • DigitalVision
  • Autumn composition. Cup of coffee, blanket, autumn leaves, cinnamon sticks on black background. Flat lay, top view
  • 837736668
  • iStock
  • Cozy autumnal mood, warm autumn. A cup of hot tea with lemon and ginger on a rustic table, plaid, yellow leaves, honey and a book to read. Top view
  • 618970258
  • iStock
  • Closeup photo of family feet in wool socks at fireplace
  • 493560202
  • iStock
  • Young women relaxing in bad while reading book and enjoying in decorative light
  • 501914364
  • iStock
  • Woman underneath blankets in bed
  • 89794198
  • BananaStock
  • Winter hot chocolate on rustic background, copy space
  • 858204808
  • iStock
  • Young man and dog lying on sofa, side view
  • 200543461-001
  • DigitalVision
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